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The true story

about my music...

Strange how life shows you, in its own way, what is the right direction and path

in order to give birth to your true inner self, even in a professional area.
It has happened to me about being a composer.


As a young student of the Music Academy of Torino, my home town in Italy, I have decided to become an organist and then an orchestra conductor. But before being able to write and play music properly I was already composing, dedicating to this activity quite a lot of time, and in such a way that my Organ teacher soon got upset because my technical skills were not developing enough. He was absolutely right and I put my composition attempts on a break.

Already during my organ school years

orchestra conducting became slowly my new important focus

and I easily discovered that if I wanted to be a truly skilful conductor I was in need

to understand "how a composer is thinking" .

As a consequence, after my organ degree, I started in the same Academy my composition studies (that I have carried on together with my orchestra conducting training) but, still,

my own voice as a composer was very rarely heard outside of a narrow circle of friends.
Only after getting better acquainted with the composing process and after producing the official academic works I got interested in writing scores fully on my own,

and I finally decided to allocate part of the time of my artistic activity to composition.

I took the habit of writing music ideas on various sketchbooks,

playing or adjusting them in the evenings, at the piano...
But then, after moving my life permanently in northern Europe in 2016, came The North,

my North, with its spaces, voices, colours,

something that I did already meet before during my trips and holidays there...
And my own music has become, in a way, the voice of this personal and peculiar meeting,

as a concrete and essential part of my life.
I was astonished to hear how much it has shaped and it is shaping my inner creativity...



My catologue for orchestra...


La Leggenda di Thule (The Legend of Thule, 1999, rev. 2021)

for string orchestra and sea drum

YouTube link:

Nummelan metsä (The woods of Nummela, 2013, rev. 2020)

for string orchestra

YouTube link:

Canto solo (Only singing alone, 2022)

for string orchestra

YouTube link:

Esimene lumi (First snow, 2024)

for string orchestra

                                         be updated soon!

What's new now?


I am currently working on a Concerto for solo instrument and orchestra.

The previous piece that I have completed (Esimene lumi, First snow) took a lot of energies but with it I reached such a result that my sound's horizon has suddely expanded.

So I got the urgent motivation to start sketching a bit on paper about this new score during a recent work trip to Spain, while reading The Alhambra, a fantastic book by Washington Irving.

Still, my new score will have nothing to do with it, but, maybe, who knows ;)

Stay tuned!

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