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The Orchestra   Coaching   Program

The true story about the OCP...

If you want someone to help you give great music performances and stay motivated, you’re looking for a music coach.
More specifically, in orchestra music, a conductor-coach plays a crucial role in bringing the interplay and sound of the ensemble to the next level, developing and polishing the performance abilities, guiding artistic and technical choices and giving feedback on the effectiveness of the choices.

After many years of work in Europe, not only with professional orchestra but also with students´ and amateurs´ orchestras, I would be happy to share my rich experience in this music area, being able to give a concrete contribution to the development of ensembles and orchestras.

How a conductor-coach is working?

I am a professional who inspires the musicians on how a music piece should sound eventually, sharing a special pathway. Possessing the skill of using experience and knowledge to clearly envision an ensemble, I am attracting every member of it, regardless of the background or experience.

My conductor-coach´s skill is not in the dramatic poses or swings with the baton, but in my ability to be responsive to the "acoustic surrounding environtment" with a clear and empathetic understanding of the challenges, being able to shape a group of musicians into a music ensemble, a group of colleagues into a performing team.

Why a conductor-coach is needed?

It can be hard for players to assess the impact of their individual way of working in a group, so as a conductor-coach I am using the external viewpoint to analyze a group behavior finding out the cause of dysfunctional habits and helping to get it better.

The value of a conductor-coach is in having an expert view to solve the problems and in bringing out the best of each section of players of the group. 

What is the goal that a conductor-coach is pursuing?

We know that valuable performances are not made by playing the same piece just over and over, being comfortable during rehearsals. But, challenging the ensemble, getting the players out of their comfort zone by motivating them to learn new skills, I am seeking out new experiences that will enhance their abilities, optimizing these for better outcomes in future.

Which formula helps to get to the point? 

I can offer three formats:

a) 2-3 days in full immersion (normally a weekend, starting from Friday afternoon), with or without a final concert with feedback (this is the standard formula for an estabilished ensemble, with players that are habit to work together and for that reason able to react quickly)

b) 4-6 rehersals spreaded in a selected period of time, with or without a final concert with feedback (this formula works very well with student´s orchestra or with ensemble that have a weekly rehearsal in agenda)

c) 1 day overview, in full immersion, with feedback, with or without my active conducting. This formula works more for ensemble or orchestra that have their own designated conductor, and that are looking for a "one day test" of their work and status. In case I will not conduct, I will sit among the players or aside, taking notes about every detail concerning the rehearsal habit and approach, the instrumental´s sections balance and their performance´s results during the rehearsal. Later I will share my feedback giving my advise about improving the performance as well as suggestions for the best repertoire for the orchestra. 

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