"Edoardo Narbona represents 

everything Saaremaa and all Estonia 

stage life has been missing - 

energy, open emotionality and

an urgent need to express oneself" 

Aare Tammesalu, Estonian cellist

Marco Emanuele, composer

(Turin, Italy)


"I have seen Edoardo work. His conducting of the rehearsals, full of rigor and humor, and his deep care to bring out the finest detailed senses of the musical texts, light up even the score-sketched ideas under his gesture."

Alberto Fassone, musicologist

(C. Monteverdi Conservatory of Bolzano)


"Edoardo Narbona is a conductor of refined culture, intellectually vibrant and equipped with a level of communicative energy rarely seen."

Gilberto Bosco, composer

(G. Verdi Conservatory of Turin)


"In all of his activities and with his presence in my class, Edoardo has demonstrated a great and serious intention of noteworthy skill in his musical career. He holds a great predisposition for knowing all scores."

© 2015 by A. Aruvali

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